PacBud Insta-Tents & Frisbees Request Form
Hey, PacBuddy! Can't wait for your next adventure? Make it more memorable by bringing PacBud, your newest travel buddy, with you.

GOOD NEWS! PacBud Insta-tents are Improved and now WATERPROOF!! <3

Kindly complete the form below to submit your order request. Once done, PacBud will confirm the receipt of your order and explain the payment procedures via e-mail . ⛺

#TentYou very much, and #Frisbee with you!

Your PacBud Team

P.S. Completing this form does not mean you are assured of an item reservation. Orders are served on a first-come first-serve basis of payment, so be sure to complete your payment as soon as you can :)

Payment mode is via BPI Deposit/Online Transfer.

For large quantity or corporate orders, you may leave a comment in the "Notes, Comments and Suggestions" section below and we shall get back to you.
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For your order, kindly select the number of tents and/or frisbees you would want to purchase for each color.

Rates are as follows:

- Each PacBud Insta-tent is ₱950.00. Orig Price is ₱1399 (Improved and now Waterproof!)

- PacBud Frisbees Green, Pink, White, Red, Yellow (Discraft) Frisbees are ₱800 each

-PacBud Frisbees UV-Glow (changes color under the sun) and Nite-Glow (Glow in the dark) Discraft Frisbees are ₱900 each

*All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.
PacBud Insta-Tents Order Form
PacBud Insta-tents (Actual product color may vary from the images due to product enhancement. Yellow Insta-Tents will be on-stock beginning April 23, 2018).
I'm REDdy! PacBud Insta-tent *
Hi! YELLOW! PacBud Insta-tent *
BLUE-You-Away PacBud Insta-tent *
GREENings, My Friend! PacBud Insta-tent (Teal) *
PacBud Frisbees (Original Discraft) Order Form
Classic White PacBud Frisbees (Discraft) *
Neon Green PacBud Frisbees (Discraft) *
Neon Pink PacBud Frisbees (Discraft) *
Bright Red PacBud Frisbees (Discraft) *
Fluorescent Yellow PacBud Frisbees (Discraft) *
Nite-Glow (Glow in the Dark) PacBud Frisbees (Discraft) *
UV-Glow (Changes Color under Sunlight) PacBud Frisbees (Discraft) *
Orange PacBud Frisbees (Discraft) *
Black PacBud Frisbees (Discraft) *
Light Blue PacBud Frisbees (Discraft) *
Sparkling Blue PacBud Frisbees (Discraft) *
Shipping *
Notes, Comments and Suggestions
Have anything important to tell us? Key them in here in this section! (For Rush Shipment within Metro Manila, kindly indicate the authorized representative who will be receiving the package in case you are not around) :)
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