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The Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology (SSCP) Listserv offers a venue for discussion of professional issues relevant to clinical science. The listserv is open to participation from senior and established investigators, to early career investigators, post-doctoral fellows/scholars, graduate and undergraduate students, and research assistants. Questions have been about a broad range of topics relevant to the membership, including but not limited to training and professional development issues, clinical applications, philosophy of psychological science, basic psychological research, educating and outreach to the public, professional dissemination, and other related topics. Historically, we have heard many comments that students, early career investigators, and even established investigators find the list quite intimidating to initiate discussions.

Thus, the function of this form is to provide an opportunity to supply questions to the listserv anonymously. You can provide a question via this form and it will be delivered to the list within a week of receipt. You will have the option to make your identity known to the SSCP Communication Committee (members noted below). A Committee member would only contact you if there may be something to be clarified before posting. Confidentiality of the identity of the original poster will be maintained.
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