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The purpose of this form is to gather the information that Hawaiian Sanctuary requires to host an offering. If you are uncertain about any of the fields below, just enter "for discussion". We will contact you once we receive the information below.
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Flyer Requirements
Flyers for offerings that are held at HS should include the following:

Hawaiian Sanctuary Logo
At Hawaiian Sanctuary
13-3194 Pahoa Kalapana Rd.
Pāhoa, Big Island, HI 96778
Turn right at the Mile Marker 12 sign heading south on Hwy 130.

* Make sure your flyer is easy to read from three feet away and has a strong headline.
* Keep the information concise, with the most important information most prominent (top, font size, color), rather than using a large amount of text that needs to be read. Be clear what the benefits of attending are and if you offer a deal make it stand out. Only use relevant information.
* Be sure all imagery creates interest in the class/event.
* Be sure it is not to busy, use blank space and a modular, sectional or grid format if needed.
* To stand out, use an aesthetic that is minimal, subtle and calm
* Keep in mind that your flyer will be used in print and online at various sizes and in color or black & white.
* Remember to proofread your flyer.
* Who are your ideal attendees? Do some research, know your audience and make sure the flyer will suit them. Put yourself in their shoes. Evoke familiarity.
* Include your contact information with Hawaiian Sanctuary information.

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Photos & Images: Please email a photo of all faclitators and any promotional imagery related to your event to grow@hawaiiansanctuary.com *
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This information will be sent to Hawaiian Sanctuary for consideration and you will receive an email response to begin the discussion. Once your offering has been confirmed, we will require a facilitatator agreement via email. We look forward to working with you!
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