Spokesperson Training Application/Questionnaire
Please fill out this short questionnaire and submit. Email gmandell@independentvoting.org if you have any questions.

Part educational, part performance training, the Spokesperson Training, Independent Voting's flagship program will give you the tools to talk about why you're an independent and to go up against the media's portrayal of us as hidden partisans.

There will be three segments in the training:  1. An education powerpoint presentation (which will also be made available for your use post-training); 2. a Q&A session in which you’ll have an opportunity to dialogue w/ Independent Voting President Jackie Salit and 3.  a special performance training/improvisational segment with top notch performance trainers.
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Zip Code
Phone Number
Best email address
Organizational affiliation ( if any)
1. Share a few sentences about why you're an independent
2. What are you hoping to get out of this training?
3. Have you ever sent a Letter to the Editor, been interviewed by a reporter, or participated in poll or survey? If yes, please explain.
4. Please include a 50-100 word bio of yourself here (Bios will be shared prior to the training with other participants and workshop leaders)
The session will be recorded and segments may be used for promotion. Check box if you consent to this.
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