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Some Hongdefa successful project in the world :Our machine include cleaning-milling-packing.Turnkey-project from A-Z.
*In South Africa,1500t/24h maize milling machine,for Botselo company,is our machine,it is the biggest maize mill in Africa and it is the biggest machine export from China.
*In Kenya: Kabasora milling,Gold leaf milling(150t/24h maize mill)
*In Zambia:APG milling(3000T Silo and machines),
Glance milling(100-130T/D),
Chaoma Milling LTD(240T/D maize mill), 
N.R. Investment. LTD(150-170T/D maize mill)
*In Ethiopia: Dibora Flour Factory(120t wheat flour mill and 100t maize mill),
Misrak flour factory(120t/24h wheat flour mill);
Tena flour Factory(120t/24h wheat flour mill);
Checheho Food Industry(100t/24h maize milling machine)
Boni food complex(82t/24h wheat flour mill)
Silo Storage part and Steel structure warehouse
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