How Do We Study History Quiz
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1. Which of the following statements best explains why humans feel the need to study the past? *
2. Someone who discovers new evidence from past civilizations is called? *
3. A physical item from the past is called? *
4. A journal written by Christopher Columbus would be considered? *
5. A real Viking coin found in Canada would be considered? *
6. A website with information about the Voyages of Christopher Columbus would be considered? *
7. Before historians can announce they have found a new historical object, they must first be sure it is real. This is known as? *
8. What should historians avoid to be sure that their personal opinions do not influence their research? *
9. Leif Erikson was a member of which group of people below? *
10. Viking artifacts have been discovered and authenticated in which of the countries below? *
11. Why do most historians not accept the Kensington Stone? *
12. Compose a well written PARAGRAPH explaining how historians learn about the past.
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