Call for Pre-Conference Workshop Proposals
The 2019 WASLI Conference: "Honouring the Past, Treasuring the Present, Shaping the Future" will offer pre-conference workshops on Tuesday July 16th. The workshops will allow more interactive exploration of topics that support development of interpreting skills and services around the world. Workshops provide an opportunity for delegates to learn from the insight of professional leaders with specialist expertise, and from countries that have recent experience of successful innovations in the interpreting field. Pre-conference workshops will have two tracks: a Deaf Interpreters Track (Deaf attendees only) and a General Track (for all attendees).

A maximum of four half-day (three-hour) workshops will be selected, or fewer if whole-day workshops are offered.

Workshop topics should be appropriate for a mixed-language audience, and consider relevance to delegates from countries at differing stages of professional development.

A workshop includes introduction of a topic, sharing of information, and activities that stimulate audience exchange and learning such as discussion or group activity. Length may be half day (three hours), or full day (approximately six hours).

Workshops may be led by an individual or a group.


The conference committee invites workshop proposals relevant to these themes:

1. Establishing and developing interpreter training
e.g: curriculum, modes of delivery, resources, trainers, Deaf interpreters

2. Interpreting for specific consumer groups or settings
e.g.: Deafblind, International Sign, Refugees and Migrants, Mental Health, Video Remote Interpreting.

3. Strengthening the profession
e.g.: establishing an interpreter association, mentoring, advocacy for interpreting provision, policy & working conditions, professional development and retention

4. Collaboration
e.g.: Deaf and hearing interpreters working together, supporting Deaf leadership in developing countries, cross-country (trans-national) learning and support, collaboration with allies (Deaf organisations, spoken language interpreters, industry professionals, etc)


To submit a proposal please complete this form in full by October 15, 2018.

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