CM Branch Honors Recital
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What is the students CM level? *
The level which he or she participated in at CM 2018.
What is the title of the piece the student will perform? *
Each student may play/sing one piece/song that the Evaluator selected. Please include Opus/Index numbers and which movement (if applicable.)
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Who is the composer of the piece? *
Initials and last name (eg. J. S. Bach, W. A. Mozart)
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What is the duration of the piece? *
Only consider the length of the piece, not including bows.
Would the student prefer a morning or afternoon recital? *
If the student is a senior, will he or she be participating in the Senior Medallion Ceremony? *
If the student is participating in the ceremony but not the recital, please put N/A for the piece and composer, and 0:00:00 for the time
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Does this student have a carpool request?
If so, give the name of one student in the group for each member of the carpool. We will do our best to program them on the same recital.
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