Be the last person living inside the Renault Duster 2016 to win the ride . To enter the competition, pay your registration fee (GHS50) to 024 888 0900‬ and enter your transaction ID to complete your form.

• Must be resident in Ghana and must be at least 18 years.
• Consents to being profiled on GMABC (e.TV, YFM and Happy FM)'s website, social media and press but not limited to.
• Must be of sound medical health subject to our medical screening.

Rules for "Live Inside and Win The Ride"
• Live, eat, sleep and challenge each other to win the car by being the last one in the car.
• The car is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
• Winner must keep branding of the car for one year
• Each of the finalists consents to being photographed for press and TV and consents to any of GMABC (eTV, YFM and Happy FM)'s other media requirements.

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Please pay your registration fee of GHS50 to 024 888 0900 and enter transaction ID below
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