COASST AmeriCorps Application 2020-2021
A detailed position description can be found here:

Please answer each question to the best of your ability. For extended response questions, please limit your responses to less than 200 words per question.

In addition to filling out this application, the following is also required for consideration:
- A resume
- Two references, of a professional nature
- Completion of the Washington Service Corps Application at:

Please email Jackie Lindsey at with any questions.
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First and Last name *
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Please describe your interest in the position, and why you would be a good fit. *
Please describe your interest in citizen science and your ability to respectfully engage with participants from diverse backgrounds. *
Please describe how your goals align with the COASST program mission and vision. (Read more here *
Please describe instances when you have demonstrated proficiency in written and oral communication (presentations and outreach, email, phone, blogs, social media, etc.). *
Please describe your experience managing and/or analyzing data in spreadsheets or database environments. *
Please describe your proficiency at working in a collaborative environment. *
Please describe your organizational and time management skills, in particular in a work-from-home environment. *
Please describe an instance when you have remained flexible, calm, and positive while resolving a problem. *
Please indicate if you have already completed the Washington Service Corps application for this position: *
Reference 1 (include name, phone number, and email) *
Reference 2 (include name, phone number, and email) *
Please send a copy of your CV or resume to Jackie Lindsey at *
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