AIA Cincinnati Event Publicity Information
Use this form to submit information about AIA Cincinnati events that you want to appear in print & electronic promotional materials. Realize that space is limited in both printed flyers and email blast articles.

Please do not simply cut-and-paste from lengthy Word documents! Make sure to look at previous web samples of these materials to get a sense of what amount of content is reasonable to submit (see and AIA Cincinnati on Facebook). Otherwise, our volunteer designers will have to delete text to fit the formats in question, and you know best what content is most important and relevant to your event.

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Event / Speaker Descriptions
Enter the written description summary of the event and information about presenting groups or individuals. Remember that this area on flyers is limited in space (see previous examples for relative sizes).

A good target is a speaker bio no longer than 75 words and an event summary of no longer than 150 words.

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Provide event overview text that is specific and brief, keeping in mind the time an average viewer would likely spend reading it.
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Describe the presenting groups or individuals. Pare down bios to only information relevant to the presentation's topic and scope.
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Describe the desired imagery to be used in publicity for this event. If you are providing imagery, simply submit it to your AIA contact or the designer directly by email.
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