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Workshop Descriptions
LGBTQ 101: A thorough introduction intended for entry level training in businesses, schools, and non-profits who want to better serve LGBTQ customers, patients, students, and employees.

Allyship & Action: This intermediate level workshop focuses on how groups with understanding about issues of social justice can turn that knowledge into action in big ways and small ways that fit for each of us.

Ethical Communication in Relationships: An all-levels workshop that can be customized to fit different needs of people who want to communicate better in relationships. Activities will help group members identify barriers to authentic communication, access tools for assessing needs and desires, and build an action plan for new communication goals moving forward.

BDSM Basics: This beginner level workshop covers the basics of kink, BDSM, roleplay, and negotiating alternative sexualities and desires. There will be no sexual contact or nudity during this presentation, however some techniques may be demonstrated over the clothes to groups interested in paying an extra $100 to cover the labor of a demo bottom to attend the presentation.

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Prices are on a sliding scale depending on need and marginalized status. Base prices are the expectation, however if you can pay more than that, you will help subsidize others who cannot afford to pay as much.
Conference speaking fee: $1,000 + travel & lodging covered

Workshop fee (1.5 hours, up to 50 people): $450 per session

Individual sessions for Kink/BDSM/Polyamory workshops and guided activities are $300 an hour for one person and $400 an hour for a couple. Small group sessions are $500 an hour for groups between 3 and 10. These sessions do not include sexual contact of any kind, but they may include nudity, cuddling, non-sexual touch, teasing, watching porn together, and sampling of kink activities (rope, wax dripping, flogging, spanking, whipping, sensory deprivation, and other negotiable activities), however there is never any expectation that they have to include those activities. Please be honest and direct asking for what you want, and I will offer the same courtesy in my replies.

If you will only be able to participate in one of these workshops with a reduced price, and you also hold one or more marginalized identities, please email me at to let me know what a possible price would be for you. It never hurts to ask.

Are you interested in scheduling a continuing contract with QSE for training every month, 3 months, or 6 months a year? You will save 20% on each training if you schedule them together *
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