Registration for AI Spring Hackathon '18
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Please, fill the form in order to be registered. Participation is FREE

Rules, terms and conditions:
1) Teams are allowed and encouraged to use datasets that were prepared in advance.
2) Teams are allowed to come with their developments and continue working on their prototypes.
3) Your project must not violate the rights of other third parties ( including intellectual rights ).
4) It is not allowed to be in a drunken state at the venue. Participants must not disrupt work of other teams.
5) Organizers have the rights to disqualify a team for violating the rules.
6) Organizers reserve the rights to change these terms and conditions at any time

Winners will be selected by a jury of mentors and companies' representatives.
Those teams who already had developments before the hackathon, will be evaluated based on the progress made during the hackathon.

With the registration, You give the consent to the rules and consent to the processing of Your personal data. Data from the registration form and portfolio may be handed to the sponsors. Data will not be handed to other third parties.

We provide free meals at the venue for all participants.
Unfortunately, we cannot help you with an accommodation and travel expenses.

General agenda:
26/03 - Pre-pitch
31/03 - 01/04 - Hackathon

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