2019 AZPG Traveling Planner Signup
Our 2019 Traveling Planner was a success and we are doing it all over again.

What is the traveling planner?
It’s a collaborative community project inside the Arizona Planner Girl community. You have one week to plan and create in the planner. At the end of the week or when you are finished, you reach out to the next person on the schedule and hand it off to them. Each week the planner is handed off to a new member of the community filled with a peek into a new person’s life.

Planner TIP: Plan to meet the next person in line at coffee or lunch and get to know each other. 😉

What do you put in it?
Some AZPG members have added their actual weekly schedules to the planner giving us a peek into their day to day lives. While others have shared the highlights of their day. A few ladies shared their personal planner journey. Since each of us use a planner for different reason the possibilities are endless and it’s totally up to you what comfort level you have when you share. Also if you are so inclined you can add some goodies inside for the next person that get’s the planner.

How long do you have it for?
You have the planner for 1 week, and hand off to the next person. If you get done with it early and are ready to hand it off to the next person, that’s great it’s ok to handoff early.

How do I know who it get’s handed off to?
The schedule is posted on the inside. You can tag the next person inside the Arizona Planner Girls Facebook group or if you know them send them an instant message to make arrangements.

What if my partner is too far for me to get to the next person?
Reach out to an admin and we will help make that happen. If it needs to get shipped, we will get you a label.

What planner brand are you using this year for the 2018 Traveling Planner?
This year we’ve chosen a Happy Planner for the 2019 Traveling planner. If MORE than 52 people sign up to do the planner, we will also add an Erin Condren to the mix.

If I sign up, when will I know what week I have it?
We will let you know on or before December 20th what week you will have in 2019 and if the second planner is needed, which one you are getting.

What happens with the 2019 Traveling Planner when it is finished?
The planner will be available at meetups for people to look at and flip through. Also photos will be taken and shared quarterly on this website. If there is personal information we will edit it prior to posting online. Example: Some people shared phone numbers or email addresses, those will be blurred out.

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