2012 Gabby Moms application
Thank you for your interest in the Gabby Moms program.

My name is Cindy Lemay, the Head Mama of the Gabby Moms. I have been involved in this program since it's beginning in January 2011. First as a Gabby Mom and now as the Head Mama.

When I first signed up I thought I was joining a blogging review program. A program like many others: receive a product, use it, write a review, etc. What I have received is MUCH more than that....These past months have been a wonderful experience of growth, conviction and blessing.

Here is what other current Gabby Moms have to say about this program:
"I have grown as a Christian, wife and homeschooling mama through the items up for review. Love it!"

"What I found inside (EE products) is so deep and has helped me so much. I can honestly say it helped save my marriage."

"Being a member of the Gabby Moms has been fun, but also challenging, I have been challenged to improve upon my duties as a wife, a mom, and a Christian."

"I began this program not really knowing what to expect and soon discovered that it was just what I needed!"

"The Gabby Moms program has been one great big answer to pray for me this year. Not only am I getting access to wonderful, encouraging products but I am growing in my writing/blogging skills and making new friends!"

"God has used Lorrie's wisdom to help me in two specific situations this year, both of which are not over in a day or two. Additionally, I have made new friends who pray for me and encourage me! What can be better than that?"

"It is a wonderful program to be involved in and I look forward to seeing what God (and Lorrie) have for us next!"

"After the first review, my thought was 'This material should be available to all married women and moms out there.'
Lorrie's teachings, especially about wives caring for their husbands, touched my heart. I find myself remembering her encouragement days after I've listened to her audios. I am thankful that I am a part of the Gabby Moms!"

The Gabby Mom program was born from a desire to reach women who may have never heard of Eternal Encouragement and it's ministry.

Eternal Encouragement is the "child" of Lorrie Flem. Her desire is to give women Biblical tools to assist them in their roles as wives & moms. She sums it up by saying, "Helping women be more like Jesus everyday".

The blogging world is filled with women who have yet to realize the gift God has given them in being a wife and mom. The practical and Biblical resources provided by Eternal Encouragement magazine (formerly called TEACH) can help them embrace that gift and do great things for God with it.

That's where the Gabby Moms come in. They are a voice giving hope and encouragement in a world that puts down the jobs of wives and moms. We want the Gabby Moms to be more than individual women talking about great products. Our vision is for it to become a community of women with a desire to please God by helping each other and other women.

To be a Gabby Mom you MUST agree with Eternal Encouragement's purpose and the message God has given Lorrie to share with women. As Amos writes:

"Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" Amos 3:3

Before you read any further please visit http://www.eternalencouragement.com/. Look around to see what's there....

Do you see the vision?
Can you agree with what Eternal Encouragement stands for?
Do you have a desire to come alongside other wives/moms and walk with them?
If you can answer yes, and feel God drawing you to this ministry, please answer the following questions.

****After filling out this form, please send an email to headmama@thegabbymoms.com stating that you have filled out this application. Also, be sure to add this email to your address book so any replies don't end up lost as spam.
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