Mobile Accessibility User Survey
This survey is conducted to capture the common accessibility and usability problems when users with disabilities encounter while using mobile apps. This survey is purely for publishing a white paper on mobile accessibility problems and preferences. No personally identifiable information is used unless user selects the option to consult or user want to recieve information from Maxability.
Please fill in as many questions as possible to get more accurate results. The results are aggrigated while publishing the results. No specific information is mentioned that can be personally identifiable.
Only fields marked required or * are mandatory.
General Information
Are you a person with disability or a close acquaintance to a person with disability who knows their accessibility problems on mobile apps?
If you are neither a person with disability nor a close acquaintance of a person with disability leave this question blank.
Column 1
Yes, I am a close acquaintance for a person with disability.
a. Yes, I am a person with disability.
What is the disability you or your acquaintance have?
Select all that apply
What is the Mobile operating system you or your acquaintance use?
What is the assistive feature you or your acquaintance rely in a mobile device?
Select all that apply
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