2021 Candidate Profile
This year we're giving candidates for local elected office the opportunity to share their perspective with voters and readers of FingerLakes1.com in a new way. Each week, our website is accessed more than 6 million times. Instead of providing readers with a one-shot opportunity to discuss issues on a podcast -- we're giving them the opportunity to have a permanent home on our website.

FOR CANDIDATES: Answer the following questions as thoroughly and completely as possible. There are no word limits, but keep in mind that brevity is still important to successfully reach voters. After answers are received -- they will be processed and published. Please note that they will not be modified, edited, or corrected -- so read them carefully before hitting 'send'. They will be processed within 48 hours and published on FingerLakes1.com.

Upon successful completion/publication we will return a link for the candidate and/or team representing them via email. Thanks for your participation!

- FL1 News Team
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What office are you running for? *
Formal name of office sought in election
What prompted you to consider a run for office? *
What are the three most important issues in your race? *
What roadblocks stand in the way of addressing them? How will you be able to create change? *
Holding local office is often a balancing act between keeping taxes low and maintaining services: How do you plan to achieve both? *
If you were elected tomorrow and given the ability to permanently change one thing about your community: What would it be? *
As a follow-up: What is one thing your community does right that you'd like to reinforce if elected? *
Looking at your community over the next 10-20 years: What do you see? Are the actions being taken now good for the long-term sustainability of it? *
Rural communities in the Finger Lakes and Upstate New York are getting older. This poses challenges on a number of fronts (whether it be related to services or attracting a younger population for that long-term sustainability). What would you like to see happen to make your community better for aging population, as well as a place for people in their 20s and 30s to call home? *
People want to see change. So, give us the elevator pitch: Why should voters choose you this November? What differentiates you from any other candidate for local office? *
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