The Foundation Setup - the 1st step to business freedom
These are 7 questions that you can answer in as much detail or generality as you see fit. These questions give us both a great starting point for our strategy session. It allows me some context, and you some forward thinking of where you would really like to go. That way you can tell if we are the agency to help get you there.
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1. Why AMPLIFY? Why now?
What made you engage with us at AMPLIFY? And why is developing a strategy for your business marketing so important at this point in time?
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2. What are your business' & your biggest achievements?
When you look back at your business journey, what are your fondest moments? This can be both personal AND/OR business?
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3. What services and/or products does your business provide?
How do you deliver to your clients? What do you deliver? What is most popular? What are you known for?
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4. Think about your life & your business 5 years from now. What does that look like?
This can include team size, time off with your family, the types of clients you have, the time you have off, and even what kinds of work you do. Knowing where you are going allows us to develop a plan that starts off right.
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5. What is your biggest business challenge or obstacle right now?
If you had ONE thing to fix that would solve 80% of problems in your business, what is that ONE thing?
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6. Would your challenge or obstacle still be around if you are seen as an authority in your industry?
Think about getting recognised as a leader (like 'the Facebook' in your industry). Does that solve or alter your business challenge?
7. Do you listen to audio? *
Include audiobooks, podcasts, digital radio.
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