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I'm so excited you want to join us on this one-of-a-kind adventure! True personal freedom begins with the inside game. This secret mission is going to excite you, challenge you, and see yourself in a whole new way...

I want to get to know you and make sure this is a great fit for both of us. Take a few moments to fill out this questionnaire.

Remember, there are no "right" or "wrong" answers. Simply go with your initial reaction and send it in! If you're not sure how you want to answer, say so.

I'll review and be in touch shortly!

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If you could change 3 things in your business or personal life in the next 12 months, what would they be? *
About the Retreat
Everyone wants to be a ...Marine, Navy Seal, Army Ranger, Captain America, Wonder Woman...for a day. Here's your chance! We'll be spending 2.5 days together helping you tap into your inner warrior. There will be guns, explosives, physical, and mental challenges. These questions will help me gauge your experience and comfort level. Every badass has to start somewhere, so don't let these questions intimidate you. It will allow me to create the best experience possible to get you to the next level.
What is triggering you (your dream, problem, concern, feelings) to want to experience the Special Op? *
If you could have one BIG takeaway from time spent with Tami, what would it be? *
We will be shooting guns. Please rate your experience level with each item. *
Never fired
Fired, but limited experience
Fired, taken a professional class
Shoot regularly
What is your experience with pistols?
What is your experience with rifles?
We will be shooting guns. Please rate your comfort level with each item. *
I'm nervous as I have no experience
I'm a little nervous as I'm not around much
Mostly comfortable, but it's been a while
I'm a pro..just show me the target!
How comfortable do you feel around pistols?
How comfortable do you feel around rifles?
Do you own a gun currently? If yes, select 'Other' and tell me what you own.
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There will be a physical component to the adventure. You don't have to be an athlete by any means. We'll be outdoors, you'll be laying on the ground, getting up/down, etc. Please give me a feel for your overall activity level. This will allow me to adapt the program as needed.
Out of Shape, Rarely Exercise
Clear selection
Tell me WHY you'd be a great candidate to join the team for this exciting journey. What makes you the exception? *
Anything else you'd like to share with me prior to accepting applications?
Finally, on a scale of 1 to Wonder Woman, how awesome are you? *
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