2019 Call for Stories: Audio Under the Stars
Audio Under the Stars, Durham’s summer-long outdoor audio festival, is looking for story pitches and stories for the 2019 season. Submit as many stories as you'd like. The deadline for submissions is midnight on Thursday, February 28.

***Attention North Carolina based producers!!!***
All story pitches and stories submitted by North Carolina producers will be considered for funding thanks to a grant from the Durham Arts Council. If your pitch is selected, we will work with producers to develop their stories during March and April. The deadline for completing these stories will be at the end of May.

What kind of stories are you looking for?

We're looking for true stories that focus on human relationships with strong characters, a narrative arc, and a clear sense of what's at stake. Stories can run between 4-12 minutes. We are happy to consider both story pitches (an idea for a story, not yet produced) and already produced pieces.  You can submit a story based on our 2019 themes or submit to our miscellanea category.

Ready to pitch?

You can share your story idea or produced story by answering a few simple questions below.
Pitch as many stories as you'd like! Pitch us with ideas and stories no later than midnight on Thursday, February 28.

To learn more about Audio Under the Stars, you can visit our website, audiounderthestars.org.
Questions? Email us at audiounderthestars@gmail.com.

Here are our themes:

Night and Day:
The world seems different once the sun goes down. We’re looking for stories that highlight that contrast, either literally or figuratively. Think lunar cycles, circadian rhythms, morning routines,  midnight adventures. From metaphorical darkness to actual sunlight, we want to hear about how time of day affects mood and meaning.

Super/Natural: Stories of Science and the Unknown:
From medicine to mysticism, we’re looking for stories that explore the boundaries of what we know about the world around us. Tales of weird science, dramatic breakthroughs, surprising moments from history, and human connections made possible through science are all welcome, as are stories about mysteries, exploration, and the supernatural.

Appetites and Desires:
How do our needs, both physical and emotional, bring us together? When do they pit people against others vying for the same resources? We’re looking for stories on food, hunger, ambition, and passion on a personal scale, and as part of larger systems.

Got a great story or pitch that doesn’t fit the above themes that you think we need to hear? Send it along and we’ll consider it for future AUTS shows.

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