Are you interested in data research? Tell us!
Are you a student, staff or faculty member at ASU interested in collaborating on research and/or building your data research skills? Then we want to hear from you! Tell us about your interests, goals and level of experience so that we can better match you with opportunities in data science.

Based in Hayden Library and affiliated with the Biosocial Complexity Initiative, the Unit for Data Science and Analytics provides opportunities for project-based work and learning. Whether you’re a student, faculty member or researcher, all are welcome to join us for Open Lab, a weekly event in our data science lab, to get connected with ongoing and available projects that engage machine learning, data visualization, text and data mining, network analysis and more.

All disciplines and skill levels are welcome.

We also mentor students and teams in formulating their own experiments and studies. One of our main goals is to cohort students and set them up with project experience that they can use in their academic and professional careers.
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