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Hope Teens Valleyfair RSVP for September 15th - 10:30 - 4pm-ish
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Group mentality and permission
Valleyfair is going to be really fun! Please take a moment to read the expectations for the day:
- all students will stay with an adult unless given permission, please
- Valleyfair has some scary rides. No pressure is given to anyone NOT wanting to ride. Don’t pressure anyone!
- Keep hydrated! Bring a water bottle and a drawstring backpack to keep yourself going...
-September 15th could either be warm or cold - check the weather and dress appropriately. That would be a real bummer if you were cold/hot all day.
- dress appropriately in a very general way.
-I believe their water park will be closed on this date- I’ll get back to you, but be prepared for that.
-bring $ or a sandwich. Things are very overpriced, be warned! (E.g. $6 for a corn dog)
-Keep your phone on you and make sure you have an adult’s number who is nearby.

We’ll be back to the cars/van as close to 4 as possible. If everyone is hoping to leave earlier, we will do that.

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