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Welcome to Wonderfruit - a celebration of art, music and ideas to inspire positive impact.

The art installations at Wonderfruit reflect our ethos of environmental sustainability and the celebration of positive living. Since our inception in 2014, we’ve aimed to produce a social experience, showcasing and promoting projects that spark dialogues and deliver our ethos through materiality, technology, space, programming, etc. More and more, we adopt practices to not only become a sustainability driven event, and avoid leaving negative traces, but today, to come up with solutions that experiment with, carry out, celebrate and nurture positive living on our land and in our growing community.

Moving into our new site this year, Wonderfruit art installations play crucial and exciting roles to shape its identity and celebrate our creative community. We invite artists, designers, architects and makers to explore various artistic, cultural and physical elements under these concepts: LAND, WATER, ARCHITECTURE, PLASTIC/WASTE, FARM AND FOOD. Our visual arts span media, so if you have an installation concept that is in keeping with our vision, whether it be performative, agricultural, musical, mechanical or illuminating, we’d like to hear about it.

To propose your project, please fill out and submit the application form below by 24 September 2018. Successful applicants will be notified by 8 October 2018.

We highly recommend that you write out your answers to the questions below in a separate word document before completing this online application form. Then copy and paste the information across. This will enable you to retain a copy of your application form answers after submission, avoiding the risk of losing your answers during the completion of this online form.


We encourage, develop and innovate creative solutions for sustainable living and bring together a global community to celebrate them. We use our platform to catalyze creativity and make a meaningful positive impact.


Wonderfruit is dedicated to promoting sustainability as an adventure in living well; so, in other words, the quality of the materials used and the impacts it has on the environment are important criteria.

Ready? Let's go.

Live. Love. Wonder.

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Description of Art Installation - part 1 *
Please describe as clearly as you can, the concept of your installation.
Description of Art Installation - part 2 *
What is the visual impact and physical structure of your piece? If it's interactive, how will Wonderers interact with it? If the project provides a program during the event, include detailed information of the activities.
Description of Art Installation - part 3 *
What are the various materials and elements used to create the piece?
Project footprint *
Please estimate the physical dimensions of your piece (width x length x height) in meters.
Introduction for Wonderfruit programme and website *
Please describe your piece to Wonderfruit guests.
Do you have any relevant or reference images of your work online? *
A picture speaks a thousand words; please upload and provide links to any online images or references of your work. Please note, provision of images is an important part of the application process and should be carefully considered. Include your work website, tumblr, etc. You must note any references that are not your own.
Provide online links to relevant projects or reference images of your present and past work.
Is this a collaborative or solo project? *
If this is a collaborative project, please detail how many people are involved in the project, along with a description of the specific roles within the collective.
Does your piece have sound amplification? *
If YES, please supply as many details as possible. The event has strict noise regulations and our onsite team will work with you to ensure we keep to our license agreements.
Do you need a quiet area for your artwork? *
If YES, please supply more information.
What kind of environment is your piece best suited to? *
i.e. trees / woodland / water or open area.
How will your project be lit? *
Wonderfruit is a multi-days 24-hour event. Your work should be visible both during the day and night. Please provide details of any specialist lighting you will provide and any standard lighting you require for night time.
What are the electrical / power requirements for lighting and operating your art installation? *
Please note, our onsite technician will ensure you comply with health and safety regulations.
Tell us your construction schedule *
Please detail how you will build / create your work, ie. will the parts be built offsite and assembled onsite? Will you be bringing materials and construction tools to build onsite? What is the construction timeline?
Do you require any onsite installation support from Wonderfruit? *
If YES, please detail how and when this will be required
E.g. 'I will need a cherry-picker for half a day'
Transportation and storage *
Please detail how your artwork will be transported on / off site and any storage requirements that you may have before / after the event. This is an important part of the application process and must be considered carefully.
Clean up plan *
Please describe your clean up plan. Explain how you will take down, clean up and restore the space to its original condition.
Please outline your funding and expenses *
Please outline your expenses. A limited number of arts grants may be awarded to certain successful applications. Please note that we only provide funding for materials, which does not include artists’ fees or travel expenses. Please take this into account when working out your costs. If you are awarded an arts grant, all receipts for purchases must be submitted to the Arts team.
Are you able to match any funding received? *
If so, please provide details
Agreements *
All applicants must understand and agree to the following statements before submitting. Please email us at if you have any questions or would like more information.
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