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Register here for the first session of the Verse It! Poetry Club on the 11th of January at 19:00.
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During the Verse It! session people will get the opportunity to read their own poetry to the rest of the group. It doesn't matter whether you are a seasoned poet or just wrote your first poem, everyone can sign up to speak! If you would rather listen in that's fine too!
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Guidelines for Speakers
1. Theme - Open Mic. All original poems are accepted.
2. We want to give everyone the chance to present their poem. Please keep your poem under 5 minutes.
3. All languages are welcome.
4. Participants can read to music (acoustic instrument/s), dramatize, use props and costumes. Go creative!
Poetry is a medium where people can express themselves. We want the Verse It! to be a place where people feel comfortable to share their creations. We would therefore like to ask everyone who attends to agree to follow the following rules of conduct:
Rules of conduct
1. Be kind. We want Verse It! to be a place where everyone is comfortable so please be kind to each other.
2. Respect each other. You might not agree with the content of a poem but recognize that it is an expression of their experience.
3. Do not share or record a poem without the author's permission.
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We look forward to seeing you on the 11th of January! If you want to contact us you can reach us at
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