Digital Economy Questionnaire for Students
Will you prefer digital payments over cash transactions?
Has digital economy made it safer than carrying cash in hand?
How often you use digital payment methods?
What type of digital economy media do you prefer the most?
What are the main activities where you use digital payments?
What are the drawbacks of digital payments in your opinion?
Which is your most preferred e wallet?
Are you in favor of demonetization move introduced by Government of India?
Do you think demonetization will help to prevent black Money ?
Do you use your cell phone for any financial/ banking transactions?
Do you think an almost complete cashless economy is possible in India?
Travel would be easier with digital economy. Agree or Disagree?
How confident are you that your personal information is kept confidential when buying products online?
Less Confident
Very Confident
What would you do if the payment procedure is unsuccessful?
If you don’t prefer digital money, Please state the reason
Your answer
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