Thanks for taking the time to participate in this short survey.
The survey aims to understand the reasons people choose to use, or why they may avoid certain real estate agents when it comes to selling their house, or choosing a property manager for their investment (rental) property.

$100 Coles Myer Gift Card Competition Details
Beagle Property makes uses of the Microsoft Excel RAND function to randomly select a survey participate once a quarter (done on 30 June, 30 September, 31 December and 31 March) from surveys submitted during that quarter to determine the winner of the $100 Coles Myer Gift Card.
To be eligible to win the survey;
• You must agree to a Marketing Consent (which is on the following page if you agree to these competition details terms)
• Yes must be 18 years old or over
• All the contact details provided must be verifiable – we will verifying them by trying to contact you using your email address first
• All parts of the survey must be completed in accordance with the intent of the survey questions
• Only one survey has been submitted for a particular set to contact details at a particular address
Where the above eligibility criteria is not met another survey participate will be selected randomly using the method described above.

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