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KV is a members club, just without the naff VIP tables, champagne reception, and glossy images.

Apply here to become a member of Klub Verboten. Memberships are free and you can withdraw at any time & be forgotten. We will never spam you nor give you details away. KV is GDPR compliant and organized by dedicated kinksters who value your interests.

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IMPORTANT! To ensure Verboten is a safe place for everyone we would like to ask you kindly to provide a LINK (URL) to your Fetlife, Recon, FB or Insta profile to verify that you really exist. We can not consider your application without a link. Nor can we process profiles that do not contain a picture of yourself. Please check your privacy settings too! IF WE CAN'T IDENTIFY A PERSON, YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE REJECTED. (Link example: https://www.facebook.com/klubverboten/)
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If you're applying with your partner, please also add a link to your partner's social media & an email.
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