Application form for Training course - YOUTHIFICATION of Youth Centers
Taking place in Leysin, Switzerland from 23rd November - 1st December 2017.

Project Description
This training course is trying to provide possible solutions to the issues of non-consistent and unstructured work with the young people in the process of their personal and professional development and realizing their potential. The approach that will be explored in details during this training course is the developmental community youth work within youth centers and youth clubs as physical facilities, most of the time supported by the local government and local stakeholders. Especially Subkult would like to develop competences of the youth workers in direction with Erasmus+ projects and how the organizations can achieve greater dissemination of the results coming out from these projects where they send participants, such as training courses, youth exchanges, contact making seminars, partnership building activities etc. How to keep the accumulated knowledge and the people in the youth centers in order to give valuable contribution to the local community? How to encourage these young people to motivate their peers to become part of these learning processes? Which are the different models of youth centers?

Aim & Objectives
The course aims at contributing to the preparation of the staff members to manage, lead and execute daily tasks related to the management of the youth center, including leadership and organizational skills, financial and human resource management and necessary European dimension.

- to develop youth worker competences of the staff and volunteers of youth centers and youth clubs
- to encourage and support young people coming from different social and cultural backgrounds in the process of becoming engaged in leadership roles in youth centers and youth clubs
- to explore good practice for working in youth centers and youth clubs
- to present diverse set of tools and methodologies available to be used by the youth workers in their everyday work in the youth centers
- to support the youth workers’ learning process in better dissemination of results from Erasmus+ projects in their local community through activities in their youth centers
- to present to the youth workers the different learning opportunities on European level that are offered by the Erasmus+.

Profile of suitable participant
To be eligible to apply for this training course you have to be legal resident in United Kingdom or in Hungary. We already have selected participants from Armenia, Czech Republic, Finland, Georgia, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Switzerland.

Other requirements are:
- to be over 18 years of age;
- to be member of a youth organization;
- to be fluent in English (spoken and written);
- to have at least one year of experience as youth worker in youth center or youth club, or experience as volunteer in such center/club;
- to have basic understanding of youth work principles and values;
- to be able to transfer the knowledge after the training course in the local community.

The candidate will also need to show:
- a strong commitment to young people and an understanding of the factors affecting their lives;
- the ability to provide reliable support to young people in times of stress and act with integrity;
- excellent interpersonal skills, with the ability to establish good relationships with young people;
- patience, tolerance and flexibility in terms of cultural diversity;
- a sense of adventure and a willingness to try new things;
- the ability to treat young people's concerns with respect, tact and sensitivity, while being aware of the limits that are required by confidentiality and the boundaries that govern the youth/youth worker relationship;
- a great deal of resilience.

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