UBRC Business Accelerator Enrollment Cohort 4
UBRC Business Accelerator Enrollment Form 2023. (Cohort 4). Cohort 3 has begun, and we are now accepting enrollment applications for Cohort 4, to take place Fall 2023. 
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What is the business? *
What market do you serve? Or intend to? *
Why can you service the market better than your competition? *
Why have you chosen your particular location? *
Who is your market? *
What is the size of the market? *
How did you determine your price? *
Is your price profitable? *
From a financial perspective, how do you feel about the future of your business? *
Do you have current financial statements such as Profit and Loss and Balance Sheets on hand regularly? *
Do you have enough cash on hand to cover current business expenses? *
Have you received a loan for your business? What did you use the funds for? *
Have you tried to access other types of financing, such as friends and family, asset refinancing, personal savings, crowdsourcing, angel, venture capital, private equity, grants, other? *
Who are your nearest competitors? *
Who are your largest customers? *
Where are your growth areas? *
What are your biggest challenges to growth? *
What is your greatest need? *
What are your strengths as a leader? *
Define your ideal client/customer? *
What is your sales cycle? *
How do you see the future of your business? 1,3,5 years? *
What concerns you the most? *
What’s your reputation? *
How does the marketplace perceive your brand? *
What was your total annual revenue for 2020? 

What percent change do you expect in your revenue between 2020 and 2022?
What are your top 3 business goals for the next 1-2 years? *
Which resources would most help you achieve these goals? *
How do you prefer to receive non-financial business assistance? *
Where did you learn about this course? *
If you selected 'Other' to the previous question, please explain. If you were referred by another participant, please tell us their name.
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