2019 Cullman Oktoberfest Burgermeister Nominations
Duties of the Burgermeister if chosen:
After the final selection of the Burgermeister, the Burgermeister will be responsible for participation in ALL events scheduled by Cullman Oktoberfest October 2-5 2019. Some examples:
School tours at the Museum on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the day.
Attend church dinners, mingle with crowd and socialize.
Attend Opening Ceremonies on Wednesday evening, tap kegs, help with crowning of Miss Oktoberfest.
Each night of Oktoberfest mingle and socialize with crowd, help Colonel Cullman with contests and get the crowd going. Attend Senior Day on Thursday; mingle and socialize with seniors. Help with Bingo.
Saturday is a long day and evening; attend as many events as possible.
Wear German Attire when at Oktoberfest .

*Nomination applications will close on June 19, 2019.*

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