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About the Film Audience Network:

The Film Audience Network (FAN) was set up in 2012, using funds from the National Lottery to support a stronger and more connected approach to growing audiences for British and international film on the big screen.

FAN is made up of eight regional and national Film Hub Lead Organisations (FHLO) providing a comprehensive geographic reach across the UK with the aim of increasing the breadth and depth of film available to audiences.

FAN is central to the BFI’s commitment in BFI2022 [], its current five year plan, to giving everyone, everywhere in the UK the opportunity to enjoy and learn from the richest and most diverse range of great British and international filmmaking, past, present and future.

The priorities for FAN under BFI2022 are as follows:

Engaging audiences - maximising the number of audiences engaging with FAN activity and increasing the quality and cultural depth of their experience
Broadening film choice - increasing access to a wide range of independent British and international film for audiences – especially those outside London
Diversity - increasing the diversity of audiences engaging with FAN activity
Young audiences - boosting participation of 16-30 year olds in FAN activity
Screen heritage - facilitating greater access to archive content with a particular focus on national and regional collections
Skilled workforce - enhancing the quality of audience-facing activity, deepening knowledge and building capability in its membership

Film Hub NI was established in 2013 by Queen’s Film Theatre, Belfast in their capacity as NI’s BFI Film Hub Lead Organisation (FHLO). FHNI works to harness the creativity and energy of the film exhibition sector across NI and ensure a wide range of film is available to everyone. You can learn more about Film Hub NI at

Film Hub NI membership is FREE to qualifying organisations and offers a range of benefits, including:

Funding opportunities - schemes for audience development and bursaries for training and development, in line with FAN objectives
Development opportunities - access to training & professional development courses and events; peer-to-peer mentoring and support
Networking opportunities - events, conferences and meetings hosted by the Hub and its partners, and across FAN
Collaboration opportunities - participation in joint programming and audience development projects, and regional and national initiatives with reach and profile
Advice and guidance - accessible support about a range of topics including programming and audience development activity
Audience insight - access to up to date research and market intelligence on audiences and film exhibition trends
Marketing support - promotion through Hub and FAN web sites, mailing lists and social media channels
Advocacy - the chance to be part of a stronger collective voice for film exhibition and audiences

How to join:
We welcome membership applications from any organisation that
(a) Screens films to public audiences or its membership (or has plans to do so within the 12 month period from joining)
(b) has a related interest in broadening the range of film available to audiences and in enriching the cultural value of communal film screening activity.

Eligible organisations include (but are not limited to):
● cinemas (independent and local/national circuits)
● mixed arts venues
● volunteer-run film societies and community cinemas
● touring cinemas and community screen networks
● film festivals
● screen archives
● regular pop-up film events
● academic institutions
● museums and galleries
● local authority departments and agencies
● local and regional development agencies
● community groups and leisure providers

In order to join, prospective members must share FAN’s vision and strategic priorities as set out in BFI2022 [].

In addition, organisations must be formally constituted (e.g. as a community interest company or limited liability company registered at Companies House; a charity or trust registered with the Charity Commission; a Local Authority or statutory body; or a voluntary group with a written constitution and bank account).

Most of the financial support offered by the Hub is only available to members. However, membership does not mean you are automatically eligible for particular schemes and initiatives, and applicants should consult the criteria of individual calls for full details of who can apply.

Private individuals are not eligible for FAN membership in their own right, but are encouraged to sign-up to the Film Hub NI newsletter to keep in touch with FAN news and developments around Northern Ireland and the UK.

To become a member, simply complete the application form and signed declaration below.

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