MCC Marketing Communications Request Form
PLEASE NOTE: There is a 14-28 day minimum turnaround for requests. A request will not be moved into production until FINAL text and photos/images are received by the office of Marketing Communications. Please be advised, many projects will take longer than 14 days to design, proof, print and mail.

Jobs needed in less than 14 days will need to be discussed with the Director of Marketing Communications before any work will begin.

Please email all communications request COPY (as a Word document) to:

Status *
Please select "New Job" if this is a new request. If you need to have copy edits made to an existing communication our office has produced for you, please select "Update" and supply the approximate date the job was previously produced in the box below.
A designer will be assigned after the job has been entered into production.
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Please be as specific as possible. Printing and production costs vary depending on the quantity needed.
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Please note: Marketing Communications will print in-house at no cost 25 fliers, 2 large posters, 3 sheets of labels. If your job only needs to be produced in small numbers, please enter IN-HOUSE in the box below.
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Please select the type(s) of communication needed. You may select more than one. Please provide details if "other" is selected.
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Who will be viewing this communication? Please select all that apply.
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Please select no more than 2 delivery modes. If your piece is intended to be used in multiple ways, the Marketing Communications team will want to have an initial conversation with you to determine the best design solution.
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The first possible date when the communication must be available for — or will be viewed by — an external audience (i.e. submission deadline, event date, mailing date). Please note: There is a 14-day minimum turnaround for requests.
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