Marching Highlanders 2020 Commitment Form
Please fill in this form if you intend to be in the Marching Band for 2020
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Student Tshirt Size (very important... this will be the list we use for all shirts we buy the kids this year... adult sizes) *
The total cost for band camp is up in the air but will most likely be around $100 to pay for instructors and food. Do you understand this cost for camp? *
There will also be equipment costs for parts of the uniform etc... depending on what year you are in band cost will range from $50-$200. Do you understand the equipment costs? *
There are several volunteer opportunities throughout the marching band season... are you willing to volunteer? *
Have you checked the summer schedule on and notified Mr. Sweeney of any conflicts? *
We rehearse after school Tuesday Wednesday Thursday from 415-6PM until early November. Do you understand the rehearsal schedule and agree to be prompt in picking up your child? *
IF everything goes as scheduled there will be a game nearly every Friday and competitions 4-5 Saturdays between mid September and early November. Attendance at games and competitions is mandatory unless given permission. Do you agree to be at these events? *
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