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It's here and it's bigger than ever before! Radio Säteily is starting and we want you to join us! Säteily stands for "Radiation" so let your voice radiate through the radio frequencies of Lapland!

Program search is OPEN and it will last until 4/10/2019 at 11:59 PM.

Radio Säteily is on air from the 1st of November till the 22d of November. We are searching for programs that can be aired frequently - for example once or twice a week. You can however apply with all kinds of ideas. Shows that occur only once are just as welcome!

Radio Säteily is first and foremost a student radio so we here at Säteily are mostly students ourselves. However, your status can be anything as long as you are interested in making radio. The style of your program is completely in your hands. We however have high standards so bring forth your best ideas! When choosing programs, we prefer those who are applying for specific period and for a specific time (for example every Friday at 6 PM or for one a week every morning at 8 AM).

Besides the bigger main programs, the search is also open for Off-Programs. They are programs that play off the regular broadcasting time (for example at night time). If you want to apply with an Off-Program you have to be experienced in making radio because you have be able to work by yourself in the studio without supervision.

We are also searching for Background Programs that are low-threshold shows that run beside the main programs (they are called "Taustasäteily" which means "background radiation"). If you are interested in making a lower effort program or you're not sure about your show yet, stay tuned! The search for Background Programs starts after the search of main programs, so you still have time to plan.

Important things to know:

– Think beforehand for a good name and content for your show. Is it a talkshow, music program or something else?
– Choose exact times for your show and think for optional times in case those aren’t available.
– After this search, we will inform you about the selection and you’ll get more information about what’s next.
– In this form, we will ask you to make a short description about your show. This will not be the final version (in case the content changes a bit) but we wish the name you suggest here for your show will be the final version.
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Preferred broadcasting time
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For more information or questions contact us at:


Program manager
Henna Huotarinen
040 7678460

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