Newsletter Survey 2020-21 🎉
Hi! I’m Ares, your current Communications and Operations (Co-Op) exec (+ Graphic Design exec). I am the current author of the weekly term-time newsletter that the society publishes.

All newsletters are published on the Tabletop website ( you can subscribe to be notified about them with this link (; you can choose to be sent them via email with this link (; and they are also published on our Facebook page (

If you have any questions or comments about this survey, you can contact me on Discord (@dovahbutt#7544) via PM or via the Tabletop server, or you can email me (

---------------------What is the aim of this survey?---------------------
This survey is intended to gather your current thoughts (both good and bad) on the society newsletter. Please be honest!

---------------------How is this survey structured?---------------------
All questions are optional, except for the very first asking you for your consent for your answers to be used as described later.

This survey is broken into 2 sections. These pertain to:
(1) reading and receiving the newsletter;
and (2) the content of the newsletter.

There is also an opportunity at the end of the survey to provide any further thoughts you have that have not been covered by the questions in the survey.

---------------------When is this survey open until?---------------------
The survey will be open to submissions from 23rd November (9.00am) to 13th December (11.55pm). If you miss this time window, you may still contact me directly to offer your thoughts.

Unless you explicitly choose to provide your name/details at the end of this survey so that I can contact you if you wish to discuss your thoughts, this survey will be completely anonymous.

---------------------What will the results of this survey be used for?---------------------
The results of this survey will be used to improve our future newsletters. I will share the results in a future exec meeting, and I will aim to implement as many improvements as possible in collaboration with the Web Admin (Thomas) before my tenure as Co-Op exec comes to an end. The results of this survey will also be passed on to the next Co-Op exec, so that they may implement any improvements that I do not have time to make.
I consent to my answers to this survey being used in the ways outlined above *
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