Bahamas Disaster Relief - Donation Site Registry
This form will allow SendMeMissions, Inc. (SMM) to compile a list of Organizations and their sites that will be accepting donations on behalf of those affected by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. It will also provide SMM an opportunity to keep in touch with the Organization's disaster relief activities and give us an idea of how much has been collected to date.

All donations will be delivered by SMM to Harvest Aviation at the Wauchula Municipal Airport through scheduled deliveries.

In order to partner with SMM as an approved Donation Site, the following guidelines must be followed:

1) Register the Organization's Donation Site with SMM (submit this form)
2) Only accept items on the SMM Supply List (will not pick up any items that are not on the Supply List)
3) Donation Site Point of Contact will respond timely to text messages and/or emails from SMM within 24 hours.
4) All financial donations (charitable contributions) must be sent directly to SendMeMissions, Inc. 303 West Main Street #3, Wauchula (Donation Sites will not accept cash donations - this is for the organization's protection)
Name of School, Business, or Organization accepting donations: *
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Donation Site Address, please include department name or room number, if applicable (where donations are being accepted): *
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Organization's Point of Contact (include Donation Site's Point of Contact, if different): *
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Telephone Number (including area code): *
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Email Address for Point of Contact: *
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Will the Organization's Donation Site be for the public or for the Organization's members only? (Marking public means the general public may drop off donations at the Organization's Donation Site) *
If open to the public as a donation site, what are the days & hours people can drop off?
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Will the Organization be accepting all items from our approved Supply List or only select items? (Click "Other" below if only accepting select items and please list those items)
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Thank you for supporting SendMeMissions Disaster Relief efforts in partnership with Harvest Aviation, Inc. A SendMeMissions Volunteer will be in touch with the Organization's Point of Contact soon in regards to the Donation Site.
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