Grace Church Titus 2 Seminar 2015 BEAUTY: GOD'S GIFT, GOD'S GLORY Special event for ladies and teens

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Ladies and teens, join us for an afternoon spent digging into the Scriptures on the topics of beauty and modesty. We will explore Biblical perspectives of beauty, the power of beauty, and cultural perversions of beauty we face today. We will also think together about how we might live as women who increasingly reflect the Lord's beauty from youth through the golden years.

Beauty: God’s Gift, God’s Glory
March 21, 2015
12:30 PM- 5:00 PM
Grace Presbyterian (OPC) Church
2381 Cedar Lane
Vienna, VA 22180


Margot Clenance - Director of Admissions for Trinity Christian School in Fairfax. She is a sought-after speaker at Grace Church and has spoken frequently at our women’s events. Margot has a thorough knowledge of Scripture and has spent a number of years involved in Bible Study Fellowship. She is the mother of two grown daughters and one son currently in college.

Kelli Clifford - wife of Grace Presbyterian Church Senior Pastor, Dan Clifford, received her M.A.R. from Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia. Kelli has worked in various ministry capacities for 16 years including leading youth ministries, mission trips, discipling women and teaching Bible studies. She is the mother of a son and two daughters in elementary school.

Melissa Henson - the Director of Communications and Public Education for the Parents Television Council and member of New Hope Presbyterian Church, Fairfax, VA. She has produced a number of groundbreaking studies that document the levels of sex, violence and profanity on television. Ms. Henson is a noted and highly sought after expert on entertainment industry trends and how the impact of entertainment affects children and the American popular culture at large.

Sadie Morris, Emcee - earned a B.A. degree in psychology and a M.A. degree in clinical-counseling psychology. Sadie has worked as a Mental Health Professional in Illinois and as a teen pregnancy counselor and support group facilitator at Caris Pregnancy Counseling and Resource Center. She also has counseling experience in the areas of substance abuse and abstinence. Sadie is pursuing her biblical counseling certification through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors.


Beauty Reflections: Margot Clenance. Beauty is God’s gift to us slathered all over the universe. It beckons us to join God in the work of creation and redemption. We pursue beauty unashamedly and wholeheartedly because in doing so we follow our Father and imitate our Lord.

The Power of Beauty: Kelli Clifford. We women get gussied up for many reasons: our friends, guys, and perhaps a great Instagram selfie. Do you know our beauty has a big impact on people around us, especially the men? How does our relationship with Christ encourage us to both modesty and freedom of expression?

Perversions of Beauty: Melissa Henson. The media and advertising world has a very different perspective on what girls should consider beautiful. This has impacted many areas including eating disorders, promiscuity, and depression. What can parents do? How can we have conversations with each other to spur one another on as we live in the world?


1. Cultivating a Heart for Modesty. Modesty is admirable but it doesn’t just happen by putting on a long skirt. In fact, one could have high necklines but still be immodest. Like all character issues, modesty comes from the heart. How do we cultivate a heart for modesty? How does this make us truly beautiful?

2. Talking with Teens about Beauty and Modesty. Many adults interact with youth: teachers, parents, church members, etc.. What are practical ways adults can talk about this sensitive issue to youth in the church and our families?

3. For the Preteens/Teens only. How do we practically live out principles of modesty such as appropriate/inappropriate dress and body type? How should we talk to guys? What should our friendships with them look like? (Parental discretion advised for younger teens/pre-teens.)

4. Beauty Reflections. This discussion will be a follow-up to the first talk, further exploring what the Bible has to say about beauty and what that means for us as followers of Christ.

5. The Power of Beauty. This discussion will be a follow-up to the second talk, reflecting on the impact beauty has on others, particularly men. How does Christ help us live both in liberty of expression and care for our brothers and sisters in Christ?

6. Perversions of Beauty. This discussion will be a follow-up to the third talk, exploring together the impacts of our culture on our views and our children's views of beauty and modesty. How can we guide our children? How can we help one another as we live 'in the world but not of it'?


• 12:00 Prayer for the seminar in the sanctuary: open to all attendees
• 12:20 Early Check-in
• 12:30 General Check-in
• 12:45 Welcome and Introduction
• 12:55 Talk #1: Beauty Reflections: Margot Clenance
• 1:20 Talk #2: The Power of Beauty: Kelli Clifford
• 1:45 Break with light refreshments
• 2:30 Skit
• 2:50 Talk # 3: The Perversions of Beauty: Melissa Henson
• 3:20 Testimony
• 3:30 Discussion Groups
• 4:30 Panel discussion: Questions and answers

For mothers of young teens and preteens: Please be aware that some of the language in the presentations is intended for a mature audience.

Light refreshments will be served at the break at 1:45. Please arrive having eaten lunch. If you would like to help by bringing a refreshment item, please contact Christina Burns (

Babysitting for toddlers will be available in the nursery.

Due to the anticipated popularity of this event and the limited number of parking spaces, carpooling is strongly encouraged.

For questions please contact Lucy Green at 703-652-1831 or

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