Business Solutions Lead Portal
This form is utilized for leads generated and communicated to the Benefits Division in Team Platinum.

Use the following sample scripts to pique the interest of potential employer benefits groups and small business prospects. In the initial conversation, the objective is to set an appointment. Then complete the field trainer request form below to request assistance with the lead.


Sample Script for Employer Benefits Prospect:
Hi Michael, how are you today? If I were able to show you a way to save time and money, get all of your legal questions answered, help you to attract and retain quality employees, reduce absenteeism, and increase your company profits at no out of pocket cost to you, would you carve out 15-20 minutes so I can share some valuable resources with you? OK perfect.. what day works best? Friday or Monday? Morning or Afternoon? 1pm or 2pm?

Sample Script for Business Owner Prospect:
Hello Robert, how are you? I am a local small biz owner right here in (city) and I’m reaching out to my community to share some resources that have helped us to survive this pandemic/past year/dry season. I want to be sure that my fellow biz colleagues have access to the same benefits that have blessed us throughout these past months. It may or may not be for you, but you may actually know others that can benefit. So when can you carve out 15-20 minutes today or tomorrow? Virtual coffee works about for you?

Sample Script for Business Owner Prospect:
Hello Michelle, thank you so much for taking my quick call. I know that you are busy, so I won't take much of your time. I'm sharing resources with the small business community to address some major concerns about how to protect their company, positively impact their bottom line, reduce their overall risks, and enhance the reopening/rebuilding of their businesses. My call today is to see when you can carve out 15-20 minutes, today or tomorrow, so that we can make sure you don't miss out on this empowering info.
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