Stewardship Survey
Dear Pastors:

Thanks for registering for the BBA Stewardship Consulting Seminar. I look forward to meeting with you personally. Far more, in learning from you, in answering Stewardship questions you may have. My leadership style is more about definition than mandate, more about description with prescription off-limits. There will be no should-upon list. None!

Please take time and respond to these inquiries, each of which will provide me more than a healthy perspective on the life and mission and pastoral leadership of your congregation. If you have any questions, holler, 512-585-1132. Please complete this survey no later than April 9, 2018. All of your material is confidential to me. Period.

Thanks in advance for your cooperative spirit.

Grace, peace and gratitude,
Mark Henry Miller

Name *
A brief narrative history of your Stewardship procedures the last three years.
How is your church’s Annual Budget determined?
In your own ministry, how would you rate the following?
1 (Lowest Priority/Value)
5 (Highest Priority/Value)
Pastoral Care
Worship and Preaching
Mission Projects
Administrative Responsibilities
Personal Meditation/Prayer
Are you aware of the gifting patterns of your members? Why or why not? Please explain.
Because this seminar is about YOU, what Stewardship questions need answering?
Do you utilize your denomination’s Stewardship Themes and Materials?
Please attach a copy of your church’s Annual Budget from 2017 and 2018.
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