Abstract Proposal -- 2017 Salt Lake County Watershed Symposium
11th Annual Salt Lake County Watershed Symposium
November 15-16, 2017 | Utah Cultural Celebration Center


Seeking enthusiastic presenters interested in sharing experiences and lessons learned!

Free and open to all, the Watershed Symposium encourages a comprehensive review of the current state of our watershed. Sessions are dedicated to bringing together individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, including science, engineering, business, public policy, education, and community groups.

• If you would like to submit multiple abstracts, please complete a proposal for each one
• Presentation timeblocks are approx. 30 minutes
• Audience size can range from 20-100
• Please limit group presentations to four presenters
• All presenters must register in advance for the Symposium

Questions? Contact Lynn at lberni@slco.org or (385) 468-6643. Learn more at http://slco.org/watershed/watershed-symposium/

Thank you!

**Abstracts due September 17**
• week of September 25: All applicants will be notified by selection committee
• November 14: Completed presentations due from successful applicants
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