IronX Community Airdrop Program
19.12.2018 ~ 15.01.2019
MAX 100,000 IRX valued at $42,000 will be distributed to MAX 20,000 participants.

1. Join the IronX Telegram Group = 1 stake;
2. Invite 1 friend to IronX Telegram group: = 1 stake;
(Invited friends must stay in group until token go online to be eligible to get reward)
3. Sign-up on and provide your Email = 1 stake

You can invite as many friends as you wish!

Please note:
Each reward will be paid to a contributor depending on the number of stakes which he/she has collected. The limit of 1 stake will be 5 IRX maximum ( $2.1 ). Thank you!
Privacy and Data Protection
IronX is going to receive your Telegram account, Email and your ERC-20 wallet address from you, and store them in a private database.

We will use your data only to send you information regarding the airdrop program. You will confirm at the end of this statement (you can withdraw your consent any time).

We are adopting all the needed technical measures to keep these data safe.

We will treat your data in the respect of international laws for data Protection and Privacy (eg. GDPR) and therefore:
- We won’t use your data for a different purpose
- We won’t sell your data to third parties
- We will respect your data rights, so you can ask to update and delete you data anytime.
- In case of Data Breach, we will inform you as soon as possible.

For any question concerning your data rights, please write to:
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