Request for Living Rule book
If you are interested in having the rule book in electronic form on your device please fill out the questionnaire below. I will send you an email with a link and a few instruction on getting up and running.

Thanks for your interest and I hope you find it useful.

Mike Willis
928-251-0036 (text)

P.S. You can forward this page via text or email to anyone that might be interested.
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The BNSF Rulebook is offered using Google Drive or Dropbox (both work equally well on iPhone or Android devices). If you have a .gmail address you are ready to go with Google Drive. Your .gmail email address will grant you access to the Rulebook. If you have any other than .gmail email address you will be signed up with Dropbox and required to set up a separate account with them. If you already use Dropbox then by all means select Dropbox.
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