TPMC 50th Anniversary Polo T-shirt Order Form
Please read the following before proceeding to fill up the order form:

1) Each person is entitled to only one piece of the 50th Anniversary Polo T-shirt.
2) All fields are to be duly completed in the form. If a field is not applicable, please indicate "NA".
3) All names are to be given in full. Names indicated as initials will be REJECTED.
4) At least one contact detail must be provided (Telephone or Email). Orders with no contact details will be REJECTED.
5) If your child cannot fit in the children-size Polo T-shirt range, please select the appropriate size in the Adult Men's or Ladies ranges.
6) Ladies may also select the appropriate size from the Adult Men's range of sizes.

For changes to submitted orders, please contact Church Office (Jerome Sim) at 62598644.
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