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We have all been affected by a wide range of situations during the COVID pandemic. People are struggling - either overworked or out of work, most everyone is still facing financial uncertainty even as businesses slowly begin to return to more normal levels of service. In September 2020, we launched our 100% Committed Campaign, showing that we are 100% Committed to the food & beverage industry by serving staff meals (100 each month) to industry peers in our hometown of Philadelphia. Whether people are working and stressed, have reduced hours, lost their job or are still furloughed, we felt they deserve this extra support because of how hard they have worked to serve others throughout their careers.

Now, we have made it easy for you to host your own 100% Committed Event. No matter where you are located, you can share a morale boost with your local food & beverage community by following the guidelines we have established. The first step? Register your event with Cooks Who Care, by filling out this form.

Once you've registered your 100% Committed Event, we will contact you by email and will send our fully-stocked 100% Committed Event Kit. Each kit includes the materials you need to organize an event of your own - including delivery organization spreadsheets, graphics, volunteer sign up forms and more. Questions or concerns? Contact Cooks Who Care Founder Maria Campbell at

The Cooks Who Care team knows how hard this past year has been for everyone working in our industry. Thank you for joining our mission is to support the health & well-being of all people working in the food industry. That includes YOU! We appreciate your acts of kindness, because we care.

Note: Please review and comply with your state recommendations on physical events.
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