Blizzard Bag Survey
The Fall Mountain Regional School District is exploring the concept of the “Blizzard Bag Day” as a means of holding school from home on a district called snow day. There are several requirements to the success of the Blizzard Bag program including making sure students who do not have access to the Internet and/or a device are still able to do the work from home with the assistance of classroom teachers.

Please complete the very short survey below to allow us to begin the process of gathering data. Thank you.

Town of residence
Do you have Internet access at home?
Do you have wireless Internet at home?
Please select which Internet capable devices your child/children can access at home.
You can select more than one
Will your child have access to the Internet capable device on a snow day?
Are you in favor of Blizzard Bags at FMRSD?
Will you (or your child's caretaker on a snow day) be able to support your child in completing their assigned Blizzard Bag work?
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