ZIMBOCASH ambassador application
We're inviting people to apply to become a ZIMBOCASH ambassador. We’re looking for people who have a passion for the nation and who are keen to be a part of the movement for a decentralised currency.

Positions are limited. Successful applicants will be interviewed and will then be invited to participate in ZIMBOCASH conference sessions. It is a volunteer position, although Ambassadors will receive an increased participation in ZIMBOCASH.

Please answer these few questions and we'll get back to you in the coming weeks.
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If you make it through to the interview stage, you will have need to have read the ZIMBOCAS BluePrint and the supplementary documents. Do you agree to do this *
You can find the ZIMBOCASH BluePrint here: https://zimbo.cash/zimbocash-blueprint
For now, we are recruiting a limited number of ambassadors. Why do you think you are suitable for this position? *
How have you been introducing people to ZIMBOCASH so far? What has worked for you? *
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