Earwig Consent Form for New Users
At St Nicholas School we use a secure online tool to track and record your child’s progress in school through a series of time-based records which include images, documents and videos. Earwig also provides a great opportunity for us to provide you with a vivid window into the activities that your child are taking part in during the school day. For further information about earwig please look at their website.
Earwig is a Closed User Group and therefore not available to those who have not been approved by the school and invited parents. All images, videos and documents uploaded onto Earwig remain the property of St Nicholas School at all times.
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At St Nicholas we believe that working with other agencies (speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, social workers etc.) is crucial to every child. We will be giving these external professionals access to the timelines of ONLY the children they work with. I give permission for multi-agencies to have access to my child’s timeline, for example my child’s speech and language therapist, physiotherapist, social workers etc. *
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