We are experimenting!

We all have our own unique experiences with art.

Some of us are artists, some are the artist’s muse while some are the artists’ anonymous other halves, those who interpret, question and savour the art.

Whichever of the three you belong to (perhaps all), your thoughts and opinions are of great value to us!

As an artist what challenges do you face in the creative process? What hurdles come your way in trying to make your work known? As an art lover, what efforts do you put to access art that you resonate with?

Don’t worry, we seek no personal information of yours to complete the survey. All we need is your email id, in case of follow up questions, if it all there is a need. We won’t bombard you with emails.

Based on the survey, we aim to identify the gaps between the artists and what they seek to achieve, the art lovers and what they seek to see, hear, do or feel. The next step would be to create a product that would bridge these gaps as we crowd source this project on a global level.

This survey will take just about 10 minutes. Your participation will help us tremendously.

As this is an open-source project, after submission you will be able see the summary report of all the responses.

We are trying to create a new world for these creative folks! Thank you for your perspective :)

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