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From 2/2019 - 11/2020 I was unable to work markets but I still created almost every day. This left me with a mountain of finished work. I want to do something with it.

The Ink By Stephanie Gratitude Box is designed to bring light and color to the office spaces of those we depend on, teachers, non-profit workers, healers. The spaces in which they work in are drab, depressing, and dark. We depend on these professionals to inspire and heal us and they work in the most uninspiring spaces.

Each box contains 8 coasters, 2 6" tiles, and 2 YOLO Magnets. All 10 tiles as well as the magnets are resin sealed making them heat resistant, food grade, and waterproof making them versatile for any office use. The back of each of the coaster and 6” tiles are finished with 4 felt pads.

When you nominate a team that has helped you heal or learn, the nomination goes into a database. As funding becomes available your nomination will move up the list.

Funding is provided via sponsorship. For $10, you can sponsor a box that will go to one of our nominees. We hope to open for sponsorships starting in March 2021 and start mailing out boxes the first week of April.

Who is eligible for nomination: Any team that has inspired or healed you. It can be spiritual healers, doctors offices, dentists, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and anything else that you feel fits. No questions asked.

You may nominate as many teams as you would like.

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