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We are beginning the process of scheduling your yearly Investiture Programs! Investiture is a time to look back at how God has led in your club and the experiences you shared together. Most importantly, it is a time to acknowledge how our Michigan Adventurers and Pathfinders have learned more about Jesus.
Deadlines and Scheduling
Your club is responsible for planning your Investiture Program and we will be sending a representative from the Michigan Conference Youth Department to come. This may be Pastor Craig, Pastor Chad, one of the Pathfinder Area Coordinators, or an Adventurer District Leader. We strongly recommend the local church Pathfinder & Adventurer Clubs to hold their Investiture together. Our goal is to hold all of our club Investitures in Michigan between April 1 and June 1.

The DEADLINE to submit your dates is January 10, 2021, but the earlier the better! For questions, please contact the youth department at 517-316-1570 or email
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Who is Responsible?
It is important to have the Pastor, Adventurer and Pathfinder directors, and School teachers all involved in the planning of this. Please give the main contact for the scheduling of the date.
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Check all those who have approved of the choices listed below. (e.g. pastor, teacher, adventurer leader, pathfinder leader, etc)
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TLT's receiving Master Guide
Please list any TLT's who will be finishing their fourth year requirements and want to be invested at your Investiture.
Master Guide Investitures
Please list any new/potential Master Guides who want to be invested at your Investiture.
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